2024 06 14 City and regional website

Podcast: City and Regional Deals

In this podcast, Nick and Eric talk to Sam Broughton and Simon Randall from Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) about the potential for implementing city and regional deals in New Zealand - formal long-term partnerships between central and local government to better plan and fund local infrastructure and economic development. They explore the benefits such deals could provide, like aligning incentives, enabling tailored local policies, and sharing gains, while also examining the political barriers that need to be overcome. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Sam Broughton and Simon Randall
14 June, 2024
2024 06 07 fixing NZ university funding website

Podcast: Fixing New Zealand's university funding

In this episode, Michael and James talk to Dr Dennis Wesselbaum about issues with New Zealand's current university funding model, which relies heavily on student enrollment numbers. They explore potential reforms to create a more stable and effective system that balances access, workforce preparation, and research excellence. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr James Kierstead
Dr Dennis Wesselbaum
7 June, 2024

Podcast: Challenges and solutions in NZ education

In this episode, Michael talks to Craig Dobson, a veteran science teacher, about the changes and challenges in the New Zealand education system over the past three decades. They discuss the impact of education reforms, the evolving role of teachers, issues with student achievement and teacher retention, and potential solutions to improve the system. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Craig Dobson
31 May, 2024
2024 05 23 Jonathan Rauch Website

Podcast: Jonathan Rauch and the Constitution of Knowledge

In this episode, Michael and James talk to Jonathan Rauch, famed American journalist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institute. They discuss the importance of free speech and open debate for the advancement of knowledge and the health of our society. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr James Kierstead
Jonathan Rauch
23 May, 2024

Podcast: Protecting free speech in UK universities

In this podcast episode, James talks Professor Abhishek Saha about the state of academic freedom and free speech in UK universities. They discuss the newly passed Higher Education Freedom of Speech Act, its key provisions, and its potential impact on protecting the right of academics and students to express diverse viewpoints without fear of censorship or repercussions. Read more

Dr James Kierstead
Professor Abhishek Saha
9 May, 2024
2024 05 02 BRI Website

Podcast: China's Belt and Road Initiative

In this podcast episode, Oliver and Nick discuss their recent report on China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its implications for New Zealand. They caution that while BRI investments could potentially help fund New Zealand's large infrastructure deficit, the country needs to be very careful about engagement to avoid becoming locked into China's geopolitical sphere of influence. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
2 May, 2024
2024 04 30 Victorias postponed free speech event Episode Website

Podcast: Victoria University's postponed free speech event

In this episode, Oliver Hartwich interviews Dr Michael Johnston about the free speech event at Victoria University that was postponed due to backlash within the university. They discuss the importance of free speech in liberal democracies, the changing perception of free speech as a partisan issue, and the concerning trend of young people trying to shut down events featuring disagreeable viewpoints. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
30 April, 2024
2024 04 25 Safer nicotine Website

Podcast: Evaluating global policies on safer nicotine

In this episode, Eric Crampton talks to Frederico Fernández, Founder and CEO of We Are Innovation, about their recent global index ranking countries' policies on safer nicotine alternatives. They explore how allowing access to options like vaping, snus and heated tobacco can drive down smoking rates more effectively than traditional tobacco control measures alone. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Frederico Fernández
25 April, 2024
2024 04 18 Germany dual education Episode Website

Podcast: Germany's dual education system

Oliver and Michael talk about Germany's dual education system with Rachel Simpson, Manager for Education, Skills and Immigration at Business NZ. Recently, Michael and Rachel were on a business delegation to Germany to find out about their dual education system first-hand. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
Rachel Simpson
18 April, 2024
2024 04 11 Neurodivergence Episode Website Copy

Podcast: Education for neurodivergent students

In this episode, Michael talks to Holly Gooch and Izzy Bremner, from The Hyphen Project, about what it might be like for people who are perhaps not considered the "norm" in our large school system. They talk about The Hyphen Project, which is a talent incubator for 16-19 year olds who are talented, neurodivergent and have not gotten on well with the mainstream education system. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Holly Gooch & Izzy Bremner
11 April, 2024

Podcast: New Zealand's fairy godmother

New Zealanders have been spending a lot more overseas than we have been earning overseas, yet our balance does not move in the same direction nearly as much. Oliver talks to Bryce about his latest research note "The mystery of the $52 billion gift: Does New Zealand have a fairy godmother?". Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
19 March, 2024

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