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Members' Lunch with Rt Hon Christopher Luxon

This is a members-only event with the Prime Minister Rt Hon Christopher Luxon. He will address attendees with a short presentation, which is followed by questions and answers. Read more

12 April, 2024
  Member only event

Members' Lunch with Brooke Roberts

As the nation's capital, Wellington is a place of government and administration. It is also a place for business and entrepreneurship - but we can do better. Read more

Creative HQ
28 November, 2023
  Member only event

Members' Retreat 2024

Our annual members' retreat is a chance to cover the major aspects of New Zealand politics and economics, and will provide plenty of room for discussion, engagement and networking. Please contact Chelsy at for further information. Read more

4 April, 2024
  Member only event
Health event with NIB v8 Copy

Members' event: Health Innovators’ Summit

Highlights from the Health Innovator's Summit 2023 Keynote Session 1: Investment in Digital Health in Australia Keynote Session 2: Individualised Funding for people with Disability Keynote Session 3: Why Healthcare Reforms are mostly stuff ups - A global perspective Keynote Session 4: Increasing the Number of General Practitioners and Better Workforce Planning Keynote Session 5: Partnerships between Iwi and Private Health Providers Keynote Session 6: Panel Discussion Health Innovators More about this event: The Health Innovators’ Summit: Inspiring Action for Better Care is a half-day event bringing together politicians, members of The New Zealand Initiative, professional health associations, and senior journalists to learn about innovative solutions for better healthcare in New Zealand. With keynote speakers sharing their experiences and insights, attendees will be inspired to take action and improve the current healthcare system. Read more

9 August, 2023
  Member only event

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