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Grant Robertson Wellbeing Budget 2023 SQ

What does Govt being ‘more of a friend than foe’ to RBNZ mean?

In my last column, I used a puzzling proverb to show that we can’t simultaneously have low inflation and cheap money. Today, I use the equally puzzling comment made by Adrian Orr in the OCR announcement that the government is ‘more of a friend than foe’ to explore the relationship between our government and the Reserve Bank. Read more

Professor Christoph Schumacher
National Business Review
6 June, 2023
university new zealand

University challenge

Last week Victoria University of Wellington announced that it was looking to cut some 230 to 260 jobs as part of its plan to tackle a $30 million deficit. The news followed an announcement by the University of Otago that it would shed ‘several hundred’ positions in an effort to fill a $60 million dollar hole in its budget. Read more

Dr James Kierstead
Insights Newsletter
2 June, 2023

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